Catch-22 for Infrastructure Clouds

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Cloud computing users think on-demand availability is the best thing since sliced bread: it enables elastic computing, outsourcing for applications requiring urgent or interactive response, and reduces wait times in batch queues. But if you are a cloud provider you might not think so… In order to ensure on-demand availability you  need to overprovision: keep… Read more »

Comparisons: Not so Odious as Once Thought

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I often get asked if there is any published work evaluating performance and cost of scientific applications on IaaS clouds and comparing them to using clusters — and I always say LOTS! …and then can’t remember more than a few off the top of my head ;-). So I recently put together a list —… Read more »

Mohammad and the Mountain

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Will the mountain come to the Mohammad or Mohammad go to the mountain? When we consider whether clouds can provide a suitable platform for high performance computing (HPC) we always talk about how cloud computing needs to evolve to suit the needs of HPC – in other words will the mountain come to Mohammad. But… Read more »